We need to live our lives so as to narrow the gap between the way we see ourselves and the way others remember us after we’re gone.

Learn to listen; it’s hard to hear what’s being said when your mouth is open.

Loneliness is when the lone inhabitant of the space you live in, love in, and imagine is you.

Marriage is that small boat, loaded with love and expectation, cast upon the river of life, with Pain and Happiness pulling the oars, and with a rudder of Wisdom to steer it through the rapids of Jealousy, Pride and Selfishness.

Doing “OK, under the circumstances,” is like trying to work under a low-slung car. There’s no room to work, and you probably can’t fix it anyway. SO, GET OUT FROM UNDER THERE!

Money isn’t all that matters. In fact, it matters very little, if you’re happy, healthy and at peace with God.

You know, being a minister of the gospel, especially a pastor, has a lot of ups and downs, but it’s that last UP that makes it all worthwhile.

Congratulations Jonas and Class of 2003.