A reputation, like chastity, should be above suspicion.

Make your word good enough so that the beneficiaries of your handshake and your signature are equally secure.

Teaching may come from many sources, but learning is a do-it-yourself project.

Tell the truth, then you won’t have to try to recall any of the variations a lie can have.

Advice from an uneducated person with common sense is more valuable than listening to an educated fool.

A kind heart is the well from which smiles, kindness, and encouragement are drawn.

When it’s hard to hold your tongue, hold your breath, then, if you must do something, breathe.

Neither ignorance nor lack of experience makes a person foolish, but flaunting either does.

We’d all be rich if we could collect real dollars for all the promises presidential candidates are making that they can’t keep.

Youth and inexperience are, in themselves, relatively harmless, unless their owner winds up in charge of something – like a nation.

Knowledge can be a loner and a vagabond. Wisdom lives peaceably with Common Sense and Experience as neighbors.