Time is a precious gift from God, so we should take care to make sure our work is worthy of the time we spend on it.

All donkeys may sound alike, but they don’t all walk on four feet.

America is strong, not because of its “diversity,” as liberals claim, but because it’s America, and is strong enough to accommodate diversity.

Attitude is shaped more by the heart than by the mind.

Behavior isn’t learned as much as it’s “done,” and by the choices made in the doing.

Right choices and good judgment are the offspring of right beliefs.

Going to church won’t get you to heaven, but it’s a good place to meet the One who can.

To belittle someone is to be little.

Knowing something useful is better than merely being educated.

During this tortuously long election season – if two years can be called a “season” – remember that when a politician is lying he or she doesn’t have to be in prone position.

Flatulence does far more for the world’s well being than political campaign rhetoric.

When tempted to give advice, remember that “advice” is two-thirds “vice.”