You will never stand as tall as you are when you kneel in prayer to ask God’s forgiveness for others.

A preacher should not assume he’s a success just because there’s a great awakening when he finishes his sermon.

Start each day with a smile – to either get it over with, or to loosen up for enjoying the day and letting others enjoy you.

It’s easy to berate those who wrong you, but it takes a God-blessed character and heart to kneel and pray for them with a forgiving heart and spirit.

As you get older, walking as fast as you can from room to room is not only good exercise but it also gives you more time to ponder why you’re there.

Give the world a smile and make some people feel better – and make some others wonder what you’re up to.

If the U.S. ever develops Kamikaze pilots, you can bet the folks at OSHA will require better helmets than the Japanese pilots wore.

The road less traveled is often the one that should be avoided.

If you have a strong urge to always face the sun, you may need to cut back on the vegetables.

Fertility is an inherited trait. If your parents had no children, your chances of having any are greatly reduced.

Writing is a good detector for sloppy thinking.

For the unfortunate person who has an upset stomach, and is also tired and ugly, a dose of Pepto-Bismol and a good night’s sleep will cure two of his three problems.

Living for all you can get makes for a sorry life; living to give all you can give can lead to a full and happy life.

Manners, morals, and money: All can be used for good, but guess which one can compromise or corrupt the other two?

Some folks claim they follow the 10 Commandments, but some don’t seem to remember those having to do with honoring their father and mother, bearing false witness, or covetousness.

Don’t get carried away in your pursuit of riches; you may have to walk back.

Some politicians have gone through a lot of ups and downs – and haven’t been on the level since.

They say he still has a lot of good in him – no one’s noticed him using any of it up lately.

Most folks are naturally good-hearted, but a few apparently have broken themselves of the habit.

Opportunity need not be new, but often you need new eyes to see it.

Wonder how many lawyer’s homes have been fixed up on money gained from breaking up the homes of others?

When children are given too much money, they miss out not only on the sense of achievement of earning it, but also on the sense of equity and decency that comes from working for it.

People who get a big head seldom achieve big things.