Love is the only good thing that can be given to someone without it having first been taken from someone else.

If we learn to live right, we live well, and in the process, we learn to die well.

Life is a journey; its destination is determined by the choices we make along the way.

For the government to give anything of value to someone, it must first be taken from someone else.

There’s no love in government, only love for government – often found in those who aim to control our lives and burden future generations with debt.

Make good choices as you travel through life and you can enjoy the journey.

If you love someone, tell them; then tell them again, and again, and again.

When you die, any unspoken expressions of love will forever remain unsaid – so today, share with your loved ones the love your Creator placed in you.

Our only choice in life is to be today. We can’t be tomorrow, we can’t be yesterday.

On global warming, like evolution, science began with questions, but has ended with arrogance and conceit in those who object to questions being asked.

It’s odd that those most opposed to seeking the truth in areas like evolution and global warming are found on school faculties and in politics, where truth should be the main guideline.

While living, we receive the fruits of our life; dying we receive the reward of how we lived.

You can’t just stroll through life; there are times you have to sprint, and times you have to stop and think. And it helps if you kneel at some of those stops.