Behavior will be no more loving, no more noble than the beliefs guiding it.

Maybe some of us weren’t blessed with good looks and a good heart because there wouldn’t have been room for humility.

Somehow we have to get Iraqis to understand that we will stay in their country only till they are safe from other Saddams.

Technology can solve missile guidance and other high tech problems, but it’s useless in trying to figure out an Arab’s mindset when he’s part of an Arab mob.

Beauty is a little like money: You need a certain amount to get by, but you don’t need a huge amount to be happy.

Word is that some of the embedded war correspondents came to admire and like the soldiers they were with, and some even expressed pride in being an American. Hope their bosses here don’t hear about that last part.

In growing old, it’s not the growing I mind – it’s the slowing!

Think of others also when you pray – the men and women in our armed forces will get you started.