Pride as confidence can motivate, but selfish pride can be one of the most costly and hurtful human vices.

Roses and life are somewhat alike: We can choose to see only the thorns, or the beauty of the rose among them.

All politicians aren’t dishonest or ineffective – just too many that get elected are one or both.

Speaking of politicians, do you suppose those folks in Congress that vote hundreds of billions, even trillions, of debt for future generations ever have trouble sleeping at night?

By robbing future generations to support political agendas, our clueless Congress makes Jesse James, Clyde Barrow and their ilk look like upright citizens.

Wonder how we can know a “best-kept secret” is a secret, or if it’s one of the “best-kept”?

Make a conscious and prayerful decision to be cheerful and happy. It’ll improve your outlook and ability to think – and befuddle your enemies.

When opportunity knocks, make sure you’re awake, and not talking so loudly you can’t hear it.

If you give in to fear of failure, you forfeit your chances for success.

Get organized, we’re urged, but remember, cemeteries are the most organized places on earth.

It’s easier to be a “stand-up” kind of person if you spend quality time on your knees seeking guidance and wisdom.

If you can’t be relationally invested in a place you’ll never find the place.

Achievement doesn’t happen alone, it’s always accompanied by either a sense of duty or high expectation.

Brighten up the space where you are today – you’ll need the light when today becomes tomorrow.

Words of kindness cost nothing, but they can be a treasure to some who hear them.

Criticism dulls, sours, and clouds. Praise brightens, sweetens, and brings sunshine.

Silence may be golden, but only words, coming from a good heart, can affirm, encourage, or inspire.

Kindness costs nothing, and it makes both the giver and the recipient richer.

The claim to be a Christian rings hollow if you don’t act like the One you claim to follow, that is, if your actions are not Christ-like.

The blessings of Easter to my family, readers, and other dear friends.