These days, when Wall Street Pooh-Bahs say they see “plenty of liquidity,” I think it means we’re up the creek.

Harper’s Index reports 38 percent of Democrats rate their mental health as “excellent,” while the figure for Republicans was 58 percent. Could that explain why Democrats campaign on what a terrible country this is?

Republicans aren’t without fault – not as long as they spend taxpayer money like Democrats.

George Washington couldn’t tell a lie. In today’s presidential race some think it’s the only way to get elected.

Why is it that the best comeback is the one we think of hours later?

It takes an unusually low ratio of brain matter to cranial cavity to believe all the expensive promises of liberal presidential candidates.

Politicians think the key to election is to promise everything – except to be truthful.

Principle is often a hit-and-run victim in the race for political office.

Broken campaign promises have more lives than a cat, which is limited to only nine.

Mistakes come from trying, failure from being afraid to try.

Wisdom can’t be bought, but even it could, there’s not enough of it to make a market in it.

Real wisdom is priceless – I reckon that’s why you see so little of it on display.

Solomon prayed for wisdom – I wonder if the scarcity of wisdom today is because there are so few people praying for it?

I’ve learned from experience how to handle rejection; what I need now is more experience in handling acceptance.

Smile, and the world smiles back at you – and wonders what you’ve been up to.

Genius finds few places to reside, foolishness finds lodging everywhere.