We aren’t so good that others could stand us for an eternity – that takes a miracle of God.

You say the man is only human, and I ask if that’s the best you can say about him.

A wise man never hears all he hears.

Wisdom is a gift from the Lord, but He also gave us a free will to do unwise things.

Choose forgetfulness for the past, optimism for the present, hope for the future.

When wisdom was passed out, many politicians didn’t show up.

Election year speeches let us relax and be free from the burden of rational thinking.

A hardened atheist wouldn’t have believed it if Jonah had swallowed the whale.

Keeping your mouth shut is the best way to keep your foot out of it.

Silence is a language all of us should learn.

Truth doesn’t depend on time or situation; it must be truth anytime, anywhere.

Affection comes naturally, but true love is a divine gift.

Aloneness can be bliss, until it becomes loneliness.

Memories are the currency that buys us passage to pleasures of the past.

She wore heels so high she must’ve had a fear of being kissed on the forehead.

Words, like condiments, should be used sparingly.

We grow from forgiving an offense, but to forget a kindness makes us smaller.

The flame of shame burns high when fueled by pride.

We have no choice in relatives, but friends we can choose.

Some folks have an instinct for being unhappy and have honed it to perfection.

The forgetful can be thankful; they come out ahead even when they can’t remember.

A man needs only love to be happy – and food, drink, lodging, a bed, and ….

It’s a fact of life; good blood can wind up in mosquitos, ticks, and fools.

Speak when you have something to say, not when you think you have to say something.

If you never tell that first lie, you have no worries about being caught in later ones.

If a man speaks out of both sides of his mouth, folks seldom listen to either side.

It’s better to tell half what you know than know half of what you tell.

Ingratitude is a particularly ugly form of selfishness.

Asylums can’t hold all the fools; we use other places like Congress for the overflow.

It’s much easier these days to look down on politicians than to look up to them.

The past is past; you can visit it but you can’t live there.

The nice thing about tomorrow is that it’s a day unblemished by our mistakes.