Try to soak up information and knowledge like a sponge, then when you’re caught in a squeeze, you’ll be able to produce something besides sweat.

The Obama administration is really giving us “Change You Can Believe In,” if “incompetence” is interchangeable with “change.”

There’s more honor among thieves than there is among liberal politicians once they’re elected.

Barack Obama promised “Change you can believe in.” With his huge spending plans, change is all we’ll have left when we pay our taxes.

Never in our history have so much fuzzy thinking and ignorance been combined with so much debt in an effort to borrow and spend our way out of recession.

It didn’t take long to see that President Obama’s idea of bipartisanship is to remind people that he’s president, and that his party won the last election.

The administration’s taxation plan greatly simplifies estate planning – you won’t need any.

For pretending to know how to run the banking and automotive industries, the Obama administration and Congress all register around 11 on the Gall Index, with its scale of 1 to 10.

Love is said to be blind, but truly blessed are those couples who find more to love in each other the longer they are married.