Political speeches ain’t all bad; it’s kinda relaxin’ to take a break from rational thinking.

Before you vote next year, check the candidate’s lie-abilities.

A man’s actions are the best indicator you can find for his character.

She had that wide-eyed look as if she had been scared, and expected to be again.

When his get up and go got up and went, no one could tell the difference.

A wise listener has never heard the story before.

Live so that your space is brightened by your presence, not by your leaving it.

It’s not the swaying of the tree that makes the wind sing through its branches.

Others may damage your reputation, but they can’t damage your character.

Be forceful in praise, gentle in blame.

All grief can be healed, except in one who still hurts from the loss of a loved one.

You can often spot a wise man when skeptics and trash talkers criticize him.

You’ll be more popular if you’re willing to be taught things you already know.

Being good for something always grades better in life than trying to appear good.

It’s not the barking of the dog that pulls the wagon.

He insisted he wasn’t nervous, just quick.

Ever wonder how many slick politicians got that way from having their palms greased by lobbyists?

I can live for a week on a kind word – two or three times as long if it’s sincere.

Let the lines in your face be laughter lines not grief grooves or temper tracks.

Memories are the currency that buys visits to the people and places we’ve known and loved in the past.

Praise strongly, blame gently.

Jesus lived a life and died a death we can’t, to assure us life beyond our death.

To trust in Jesus Christ is to give up what we can’t keep for something eternally precious we can’t lose.

Don’t wait to be prodded to do a good thing; be your own prod.

Live as if it’s your last day, love and learn as if you expect to live to be a hundred.

The door to achievement opens to those with the curiosity to turn the knob.