Truth is reality not blurred by the haze of distance or the fog of time, confusion or faulty memory.

Too much is said of hearsay, most of which should be left unsaid.

We are commanded to “Love others,” not what they do – pray about any disparities.

Trust, not money, is the currency of both friendship and love.

Things like conceit you can acquire for yourself, character and humility are gifts from God.

Failure is not a “Stop” sign, but a “Caution” sign on the road to success.

Talent is not genius, but if fanned by the breeze of inspiration it can pass for genius.

We can’t always choose the time to be happy, and the best time to try is now.

Ever wonder if maybe skunks were put here to teach us to mind our own business?

The “Rule” for living should also apply to words: If you make a mess, clean it up at once.

Kindness and character seem to be a pair that never gets separated.

If one could teach genius and inspiration, they would no longer be genius and inspiration.

Kindness blossoms only after it’s sprouted in the seedbed of character.

Judging wrongly is the tuition paid to learn to judge rightly.

Let’s hope our next president’s idea of job creation is not bigger federal payrolls.

Politicians would rather die than do hard thinking – and most of them do so.

To forget a wrong against you is not big loss, but forgetting an act of kindness is.

Failure is seldom final, but giving up is.

A mouth filled with wisdom is better than one filled with foot.

A long life can lead to wisdom if it’s filled with good works, kindness, and lots of mistakes

Twits can tweet in words inane, insane, and in vain, but the world keeps on turning as its Creator wills.

Worryin’ about a problem ain’t nearly as effective as workin’ at it.

Hate sprouts in the barren soil of bitterness, love in the rich soil of kindness.

A feeling you must say something may signal a good time to keep silent.

Messing up requires little knowledge and no common sense.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are not as important as what lies within us.

Selfless acts not self-appraisal define humility.

Religion is man’s attempt to reach God, Christianity is God’s attempt to reach man (Billy Graham – in a sermon)

Wisdom doesn’t come from pursuing wisdom, but from doing right and paying attention.

Kindness toward others is the sunlight in which human decency blooms.

A man never stands taller than when he’s on his knees before God.

Two things of no use to you: Time past, and opportunities not taken.

Only the mistakes that taught you something and are remembered are of use to you.