Faith is the wind under the wings of prayer.

Selfishness thinks of how much can I get. Love thinks of what can I give.

The claim that “clothes make the man” is false, especially if the man is Pride and his clothing is fake humility.

God won’t give you a hill to climb without giving you the strength to climb it.

Investments can turn out bad if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you don’t pay attention.

When your broker advises you to “hold” a stock that’s “crippled,” ask him how many horses he has seen pull up lame in race and then heal fast enough to win.

You can close your eyes to the truth and the sun, but when you look again, they’re still there, unchanged

Old men tell of heroes and honor; young men haven’t known enough of the former to fully understand the latter.

We can’t control our birth or our death; we can only do our best in the gap between them.

The real measure of our life is not riches produced or honors won, but by how we treated others and how they remember us.

Lord, I ask not for goods and greatness, but for Your grace and wisdom for me and those You have blessed me to love.

Being able to cleanly grasp truth becomes more difficult for anyone who gives in once to untruth.

You can’t reach perfection in this life, but the next best thing is to follow Him who was and is perfect.

Noble actions are produced by noble thinking.

Another reason some folks can’t grasp the truth is that they aren’t acquainted with it all that well.

The more a man learns about the meaning of his life the more he learns to forgive.

Prejudice and bitterness can become rooted in the hard soil of ignorance that has never been loosened by learning and love.

Acts of kindness and love are the building blocks that give shape, strength, and purpose to a life.

“Know thyself” is good advice, but far more important is to know the Lord and what He would have us do with our life.

You won’t be happy if you try to waltz through life while you’re dancing with the devil.

Husbands, remember why you married your wife. Now go tell her, and remind her again tomorrow, and each day after that.

People, like the wind, have their character changed by where they’ve been and what they’ve encountered.

A father sued by his own children over money, learns things about children and human nature he can learn no other way.

Perhaps the most beautiful verb is “to love,” but among its closest kin are “to forgive, “to give,” “to pray,” “to help,” ….

How we deal with tribulation is as important as the tribulation.

Character, not circumstance, should direct your actions.

If you can’t do right toward a common man, how can you do right toward a holy God?