Stupidity isn’t necessarily a dangerous thing, unless it crops up in elected officials and school administrators.

Wonder if the strident anti-war, anti-Bush voices heard in the Congress these days will ever learn that you can’t fix a problem by trying to fix blame.

Giving out is the only excuse for giving up.

House Speaker Pelosi announced, “There’s a new Congress in town.” Strange, with the pork-laden Iraq funding bill, it looks just like the same pork barrel Congresses of the past.

Age and wisdom are often close companions, so why do they seem to part company when politicians spend too many years in Congress?

Curmudgeons are often nice people who have spent time observing people who weren’t.

If Liberals start to hyperventilate when the name of Christ is seen or heard during the Christmas season, we wonder how they’ll survive if someone lays the real story of Easter on them.

Laughter isn’t a commodity we can purchase. We must make it ourselves, and package it as a gift to those who need it.

If a couple would spend more time courting in their marriage, the marriage would never spend time in court.

On Easter Sunday, we remember that Christ conquered death, sin and Satan. But it’s also the day we acknowledge the world’s oldest living Jew. – August Sage

People are fortunate when memories of things accomplished nicely fill the space once reserved for dreams of things they hoped to do.

May the Christ of Easter be the hope of all who read these lines!