“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God … handling accurately the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15)

You can’t be right and not be truthful, but if you’re truthful, you will always be right.

Smile, it won’t kill you. And if it does, you’ll look a whole lot better at your funeral.

The world is too small for anything but love; time is too short for anything but truth.
– Preston Clegg

We can’t live long enough to justify being sad all the time.

Crying may be beneficial; you don’t pee so much.

Events we can’t control can crush our heart; God’s grace reminds us we have one.

Love those that care for you, pray for those that don’t. Pray for grace to love both.

Spending time with friends who care for you makes them feel better – and makes you better.

If you never backstab or gossip about anyone, you’re less likely to be a victim of either.

Treat others like you’ll live forever, for you will.

Make it a point to laugh every day;

Don’t let sadness have its way.

The truth may hurt for a time, but a lie can destroy your credibility forever.

It’s good to go into the world and do well by its standards; it’s far better to go into the world God made and do well by His standards.

Life is too brief for anger; it’s too valuable to waste it on envy.

If you can choose between crying or peeing more, take an extra tinkle.

Truth is truth by being true; opinion can range from truthful to completely false.

What you think is true is opinion; what you know is fact.

Happiness is the yield from knowing the truth and resolving to always live by it.

Grief is something that one must bear alone; happiness should be shared to produce its fullest benefits.

Happiness is a distant destination for the foolish person, an ever-present possession for the wise.

Colleges are no more responsible for the world’s progress than the mill wheel is for making the water run.

There’s no law against happiness, to the dismay of some liberal politicians.

Being loved to an undeserved degree by a beautiful, gentle woman is both humbling and edifying to any sensitive man.

Parents should not depend on schoolteachers to know what’s best for their children; parents are the real experts in subjects of life.

Being generous, honest, and kind, and doing the decent thing are valuables anyone can own.

When you go to do a thing, ask yourself if it’s what you would do if everyone knew you did it, and the reason why.

Truth is its own justifier.

Lies and malice are for losers; love and truth are for winners.

Truth knows no time except now, and forever.