A thin skin and a thick head make a bad combination for politics; reverse those two and you could have a future.

Humor is a large window that lets us view both the beauty and blemishes of our world.

Why can so many ignorant people use a computer to access Web logs but can’t spell common words or use them grammatically?

All politicians talk nonsense; successful ones repeat it often and with emotion.

Some Democrats are knocking America; wonder how they’d fare in some other country.

Try to do a job so that your name won’t become a verb for doing it poorly.

Your potential is bounded on the low side by your desire for things, and on the upside by your desire to achieve.

Only man knows for sure he’s going to die, and spends so little time preparing for it.

It’s written that the devil is the father of lies. It’s sad that so many of his offspring try to out produce their “old man.”

Some people are so small-minded it seems a waste of scalp.

The heart is a well and the tongue is the rope that pulls up what’s in it.

The Bible instructs us to encourage one another. But does that include politicians who seem to need no encouragement?