In marriage, ‘tis far better to be kind, tolerant, and forgiving than right.

The truth has only one face, while a lie has many faces, shapes, and names.

If you would improve yourself, don’t settle for mediocre as your goal, shoot for “superb” and try for at least an average of “extraordinary.”

Don’t let a college education interfere with learning how to be productive and useful.

When I hear of a politician giving a “short statement,” I wonder about the fire or the riot that broke out.

Receiving a grade of “average” on anything is a heckuva lot better than being told, “this ain’t gonna cut it.”

To see the world as it really is, you must often look out a different window.

I sometimes don’t know what I think of something until I’ve written about it.

Some should change their minds often, if just to have a clean one.

How can you honor your heavenly Father whom you haven’t seen, if you don’t honor your earthly father whom you have seen?

It’s better to feel you have something to say than to feel you have to say something.

There is one direct path to the truth, but dozens of twisting paths to the falsehood.

Some men can manage to be a fool, but it takes a very patient and special wife to manage one.

A man who can swear to a lie ain’t worth a thimbleful of spoiled spit.

Evil uses our bad choices and judgments to gain entry to our inner being.

Happiness isn’t something we chase or buy; it’s something that overtakes us when we love others and do the right thing.

A lie has no life or residence if we don’t give it nourishment or lodging.

Winter’s departure is kinda like a liberal losing a debate; it gives ground grudgingly but has to pause occasionally to show its bad side.

Life was simpler when politicians didn’t have supporters masquerading as news reporters.

Some colleges are already playing baseball, but everybody knows you can’t have real baseball till it quits snowing.

A fair young maiden that’s fair is a treasure.

A lesson in human behavior: Grumpy old people weren’t born that way.

God intended for man to spend a lot of time on his knees or He wouldn’t have made Adam a gardener.

A small man can never accomplish big things.

Honesty pays, but not enough for some folks to work at it.