Honor and receiving are seldom connected, but often honor and giving are.

Growing old ain’t so bad if you can avoid aches and pains – and mirrors.

John Kerry’s keeping up the Democratic tradition of being “verbally ambidextrous” – if he gets on any more sides of the war in Iraq, he’ll have it surrounded.

Where taxes, honor and religion are concerned, some politicians can’t decide whether to stand or lie.

Lying isn’t an absolute requirement for a presidential hopeful, but this year’s crop of Democratic seemed bent on trying to prove it is.

If we received all the stuff promised us by politicians running for office, this country would soon be a “worker’s paradise” ranking right up there with the old Soviet Union.

This election year, don’t ask how much pork your representatives in Congress can win for your area, but ask who’s going to save the taxpayer’s bacon when the bills come due!

Happy birthday, Debs!