Often I don’t know what I think about a topic until I write about it.

A lie can travel from New York to Los Angeles while the truth is still trying to find the On Ramp to the Interstate.

Some politicians can think as they talk, some can talk as they think, and most, it seems, can talk without thinking.

Marriage: A state of bliss, with pleasure, pain, bewilderment, and awe among its residents.

 A child’s love isn’t explained by yesterday’s debts or tomorrow’s promises, it just is.

The best-kept secrets are what you think of your talents, intellect or possessions.

Trying to give acupuncture to a testy bull can bring a clarifying distinction between impulse and good judgment.

The mule is the symbol for Democrats, but that’s no reason for Democratic candidates to unload so many mule muffins in their campaign speeches.

Never listen to a fool – unless he makes more sense than you do.

One of the lowest forms of humor is an especially good pun – by someone else!

I often debate with myself, and win a fair share of them.