Failure is neither fatal nor final.

Talent is from God, fame from man. The former is to be honed, the latter avoided.

How we play the hands we’re dealt is more important than the hands we get.

Hate cannot change anything for good; only love can do that.

Silence in the presence of wrong is even more wrong.

Hate darkens life, love lights its way.

A lie can’t travel on its own; it must be carried.

You can’t defeat the devil by condoning the actions of those who do his bidding.

There is no grade of “Incomplete” for forgiveness; you either pass or fail.

Life is kind of like baseball: Learn where you can play, then play harder than anyone else.

Failure is the tuition we pay to learn how to succeed.

Trust is the currency of both friendship and love.

Conceit is self-acquired; ability and humility are gifts from God.

Failures mark the boundaries of the path to success.

Inspiration is the breeze that fans talent into the flame of genius.

For everyone there’s a time to be happy, and the best time is now.

Praise with a strong voice; blame softly.

Maybe skunks and polecats were put here to teach us to mind our own business.

Politicians and polecats are more tolerable the less they show their natural tendencies.

Whoever claims to have character but doesn’t show kindness is short of both.

Courage is not a lack of fear, but doing the right thing in spite of fear.

Success is fluid and seems to flow naturally to places where sweat and inspiration are.

Self-worth most often is not related to net worth.

If genius and inspiration could be taught, it would no longer be genius and inspiration.

The appearance of cleanliness is a common problem shared by hogs and politicians.

Kindness is a flower that blooms in the seedbed of character.

Wisdom can come from unwise actions or God. The divine kind is far better.

Judging wrongly is an expensive way to learn to judge rightly.

Good comedians are scarce, but who needs them when we have the U. S. Senate?

We need a president whose idea of job creation is not bigger federal payrolls.

Most politicians would rather die than do hard thinking – and most of them do so.

It is good to forget a wrong, but never forget an act of kindness.