If others sell you short, don’t sell out at their price.

In giving, if it’s your best, it’s enough.

Is it too much to ask that a politician have brains, honesty and good looks, or heck, just one out of three?

Young people seem to go looking for trouble; older people know it will come to them.

You should treat some arguments like a cold winter day: Just put on your overcoat and walk with your back to the wind when possible.

When Grace and Truth are married, they produce a passel of young’uns with names like Honesty, Kindness, Gratitude, Prudence, Smiley, Happy, Character.

Liberal politicians don’t have a monopoly on making promises they can’t possibly keep; it just seems like they’re trying to corner the market.

Don’t waste your breath discussing logic with a foolish person, and don’t hold it waiting for a wise one.

If you must depend on free advice, make sure the advisor earned it and didn’t just borrow it.

Some folks think that getting a lot of schooling is the same as getting an education, then spend a lot of time proving it ain’t the same thing.

Doing something is better than talking about doing it; doing it well makes talk unnecessary.

Smile a lot. It’ll make folks think you know something they don’t, of make’em wonder what you’ve been up to.