December 9, 2002
Saddam's Gulling of the Gullible
by Donald G. Mashburn

How easy it is to gull the gullible. The proof is the number of those in the international community that actually seem to believe the return of United Nations inspectors to Iraq will bring about a "Saddam Solution."

The "Gullees" appear to be impressed with Saddam Hussein's long overdue agreement to allow UN inspectors back into the tyrantdom that is Iraq. European leaders, particularly those in France and Germany, oppose even a preventive war with Iraq because it will interfere with their arms and oil trade, among other things.

It's a shame the feckless and fearful can't be exposed to the real Saddam Hussein in the same way the Iraqi Kurds have -- without the horror of being gassed or burned to death, of course.

One wonders what parts of "genocide" or "weapons of mass destruction" (WMDs) the Soft-on-Saddam fraternity doesn't understand. There's doubtless an anti-American component to opposition of the Bush administration's Iraq policy. That much was apparent in recent elections in Germany. Still, there are no valid excuses for responsible governments failing to face up to Saddam's sorry record of deception and defiance.

The Iraqi strongman has in effect thumbed his nose at no less than 16 United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs). Resolutions aimed at neutralizing Iraq as an international threat.

UNSCR 678 (Nov. 29, 1990) authorized the use of "all necessary means" to enforce UNSCR 660, the resolution dealing with Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990. The Gulf War began with the Allied attack on the morning of Jan. 17, 1991.

Iraq's armies were routed quickly. The cease-fire of Feb. 28, 1991, was followed by UNSCR 686 (March 2, 1991), under which Iraq was required to release prisoners, return property, and accept liability for damages to Kuwait.

Destruction and removal of all chemical and biological weapons were required under UNSCR 687 (April 3, 1991), which also prohibited the development or acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iraq.

Over nine years, the UN passed 13 additional UNSCRs, all of which were violated by Iraq. Additionally, the U.N. Security Council has issued some 30 statements covering Iraq's continued violations of its UNSCRs.

So Saddam's about-face on inspections provides no comfort to those who have watched his deception for more than a decade. However, now that UN inspectors are back in Iraq, the "gullibles" --some in our own media -- seem to think the Saddam Problem will be solved.

But what do they think the Iraqis have been doing for the past four years? They have had all that time to dig deep, camouflage, and hide well -- not only weapons but also whole factories. Moreover, incriminating weapons and facilities could have been transported to friendly countries like Syria.

The bottom line is, the chances are slim to none that incriminating WMDs will be found by UN inspectors.

Letting the inspectors back into Iraq can only mean that Saddam is confident they won't find much. There have been credible reports of elevators in Baghdad running several floors underground. Experts don't doubt Iraq's ability to hide large facilities and necessary materials underground.

If anyone believes the inspectors will find strong evidence that Saddam has lied about his weapons programs, and that the Iraqis haven't been busy hiding their weaponry and facilities, please give me a call. I would like to discuss with you some beachfront property in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Saddam Hussein has been labeled a clear and present danger to peace and stability by both Great Britain and the United States. If he is not stopped now, nuclear and biological weapons in the hands of a madman could threaten civilization as we know it.