October 10, 2008

Congress on Energy: Dumb and Dumber

By Donald G. Mashburn

Just when you thought Congressional stupidity on energy had reached the highest level possible, House Democrats pushed through an anti-oil, anti-American energy bill that was unsurpassed in its idiocy, hypocrisy and obstructionism.

Under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrats have gone from dumb to dumber. They have been locked in the dumb mode, with repeated bans on drilling our own American oil and gas reserves awaiting the drill bit in northern Alaska and off both coasts.

But to shift to the “dumber mode” took some doing. But Pelosi and her enablers and sycophants, such as Ed Markey and his ilk, were up to the task. Trying to camouflage their anti-oil bent, they cobbled together a so-called “energy bill” monstrosity that probably will never produce any significant amount of gasoline for American motorists or jet fuel for airlines.

One member of Congress saw through the sham, and said, “We could get more energy by burning this legislation than we’ll get from it.”

But Pelosi – who earlier didn’t even know that natural gas was a fossil fuel – had the audacity to say, “We’re not trying to give incentives to drill, we’re giving incentives to invest in renewables and natural gas.”

Well, Ma’am, if you want natural gas, you might want to look inside 50 miles from shore, where 85 percent of known reserves are, instead of restricting new offshore drilling to the idiotic band of deep water 50 to 100 miles from shore, as required by the silly bill.

Pelosi’s ignorance of oil drilling isn’t limited to removing natural gas from the fossil fuel group. It also runs – deeply, it appears – to the economics of exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas. Pelosi unabashedly exposed her ignorance, in saying, “I think once you get past $35 a barrel, there’s incentive for them to drill. It’s not about drilling revenues, it’s about ending subsidies.”

“Incentive to drill” where? To what depth? To recover how much? At what cost?

Such ignorance is astounding! Even the dumbest of oil critics know that huge sums are required to acquire large lease blocks, do the geophysical and geological evaluations necessary, and then acquire the amazing amount of hardware, technology and human resources just to start drilling a hole three miles deep, which may turn out dry!

It’s downright scary to think that the energy security of this nation – including secure supplies for our armed forces – is in the hands of such shallow, clueless Democrats.

It’s even scarier to think that this nation might be close to electing the most liberal president ever, Barack Obama, who agrees with Pelosi’s views of the oil industry, but who knows no more about it than she does.

The American voters hold the key to our energy future. On November 4, they can vote for “Drill now, drill here,” for lower gasoline prices, and less funding of foreign national oil companies. Or they can vote for the dumb and dumber, no clue at all, anti-oil, high-priced gasoline Democrats.

John McCain has it right, in saying, “We need an all-of-the-above approach” which includes offshore drilling, nuclear power, conservation, and renewable energy.

Last of the Summer Whine

By Donald G. Mashburn

Finally! Autumn is here, and we’ve heard the Last Of The Summer Whine – the seemingly endless wails of Barack Obama and other liberals of all that’s wrong with this country. Of course, the whining will go on; only summer has ended. But at least we don’t have to put up with hot weather and the hot air of scrofulous politicians at the same time.

We won’t miss the anti-American and anti-white rants of Jeremiah Wright, who was Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years, and whom Obama called his “spiritual advisor.”

We won’t miss Obama’s thin, widely doubted, denials that he ever heard Wright spew forth such hate-filled harangues. Obama defended Wright up to the time that he, Obama’s “spiritual advisor,” embarrassed them both – if such thing were possible – at a national press club gathering.

The Democratic nominee’s political advisors saw the real damage that Obama’s long and close association with Wright was doing to their pupil’s campaign to be president. Then, and only then, did Obama toss his pastor and spiritual advisor of 20 years under the campaign bus.

And of all the summer whine produced by this presidential campaign, the least missed will be the repeated comments about race, and claims of racism, from the Obama camp. The Obamaniacs won’t recognize, or won’t admit, that the complaints about race originated with Barack Obama himself.

For it was the self-confessed “Symbol of Hope” of the American people that told crowds, “They’re gonna try to scare you about me. They’re gonna say, ‘He doesn’t look like those presidents on the … five-dollar bill,’ and they’re gonna say, ‘Oh, and by the way did we mention he’s black?’”

Obama injected those whiny and untrue comments into his campaign rhetoric when no one – certainly no one associated with the John McCain campaign – was saying anything at all about comparing Obama’s appearance with that of previous presidents.

Nor has anyone mentioned, in the context used by Obama, that Obama is “black,” half Kenyan, or anything other than a seriously under-experienced, extremely liberal candidate whose policy statements exposed his preference for socialism over capitalism.

Obama seems to have a serious “I” problem, and his unrealistic and socialistic proposals will come under attack, and not just from the McCain camp. And he will continue to complain about being “attacked” when observers and opponents disagree with Obama’s big-government promises of “hope and lots of free stuff.”

We’ve heard the Last of the Summer Whine, thankfully, but there will be plenty to last through the November 4 election.