February 23, 2004
Looney Left's Getting Ugly
by Donald G. Mashburn

The Loony Left is getting mean and ugly. Liberal extremists’ hatred of President George Bush drives them to publicly say things that no rational, self-respecting person would say about anyone, much less our president.

It’s worse when that president holds traditional values, which are reflected by the way he lives his life. President Bush is a Christian – neither hides nor flaunts it. And it shows in his personal conduct, and compassion for those hurting and in need.

It shows in his obvious respect and love for his wife, First Lady Laura Bush. Still, the hatred of the Far Left is more vicious than anything we’ve seen. Even meaner than during the scandal-ridden years of Bill Clinton.

One of the ugliest on the Loony Left is Michael Moore, extremist – and trash-mouth by any definition – filmmaker, and Green supporter. Moore’s an ardent Bush hater, and a loud supporter of Wesley Clark, the former general, and now former candidate.

Moore has turned positively mean. He told a crowd that he was looking forward to seeing Clark debate the president: “The general versus the deserter.”

Wesley Clark then refused to disown the slanderous slur. On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” host Tim Russert played a video of Moore calling the president a “deserter.” The Clark refused to repudiate Moore’s rant.

Russert told Clark, “The right of dissent is one thing, but is there any evidence that ... President Bush is a deserter from the United States armed forces?” Incredibly, Clark said, “Well, I’ve never looked into those, Tim. I’ve heard those allegations.”

It’s a relief to have such mealy-mouthed candidates out of the race – although John Kerry will more than fill the gap.

Even more vicious than Moore’s Moore-onic words is a streaming video on MoveOn.org that includes images of Adolph Hitler and President Bush. One shows Bush with his hand raised when he was sworn in as president, as the video overdubs cries of “Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil,” by Nazi fanatics listening to Hitler’s speech.

The video is part of a contest for the best Bush-bashing ad, to be judged by a panel which includes Michael Moore and James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign advisor. We’ll probably hear more on this, as Democratic hopeful John Kerry repeatedly refers to his military service while bashing Bush’s training as a jet fighter pilot in the Texas Air National Guard.

For the record, President Bush never dodged military service. Nor did he hide out in Europe without letting his draft board know his whereabouts, as Bill Clinton did – while his draft board believed Clinton’s promise to enter the ROTC program.

As a jet fighter pilot in the Texas National Guard, Bush was subject to call to active duty if his unit were activated. He had the courage to fly an F-102 jet fighter, and applied for duty in Vietnam, but was turned down.

All pilots know that when a pilot straps a jet fighter, or any high performance aircraft to his backside, he’s “betting it all” on his knowledge and acquired skills. Flying such aircraft is no small achievement. Our nation‘s military, airlines and aviation commerce depend on pilots willing to take risks.

The Far Left often bash President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and our state department, with accusations that the United States is out to control the world’s oil supply. Based on my four decades in the petroleum industry, domestically and internationally, it’s obvious the accusers know nothing about how the oil industry works between nations.

But it makes little difference who the target is. It’s more a matter of whom the extremists choose for their rant of the day.

Some left-wingers resent Bush’s professed faith in Christ. Others see him as the hireling of air and water polluters. Still others prate about Iraq being all about oil. It’s apparent the Lefties don’t communicate with each other. Perhaps because they can’t make sense of each other’s tirades.

The vitriol from the left not only coarsens public dialogue, it corrupts the whole political process. This year’s election may be the meanest and ugliest we’ve seen.