In the mother’s name …

Needless to speak of gender equality, the reality we live in is continually violent against women . Acid- scarred girls , raped women , killed by self-styled men in love. Women who find it harder to find and keep the job, pay less. Women appreciated for their physical appearance and not for their abilities. Women who must show and not be. Stupid womenat the wheel, capricious women, women who don’t know what they want, but know how to get it. Women who need to know how to clean, cook, keep their mouths shut or otherwise occupied. Women exploited by advertising, by communication. Women who must have children or women who do not have to. Women who must be beautiful, but who if they are too beautiful are “whores” and if they are too little they are “ceased”.

Above all and above all, women who must be multitasking , as a compliment to having to manage private, family and work life simultaneously, with commitments that accumulate, wear out, so as not to renounce to express talent and personal vocations, in favor of whom, then, this versatility has not or does not strive to develop it.

A violent mentality that is of men, but also of women towards other women, which is women towards themselves when they are ironic about what they cannot do by definition. Yet we should not be surprised. There was a moment in history when humankind forgot the religion of the mother and pursued only that of the father. Not only. The main monotheistic religions of the world raise their arms to the sky to pray to a god man, a father god. Even women imagine divinity as men. And this is a cultural tare that has weighed, which weighs. How to marvel then of the rest?

In the same objective, which for centuries has accompanied female emancipation, “equality between the sexes” hides a terrible ontological discrimination: the impossibility of achieving parity between different entities. How much better would it be to seek the protection of diversity? Respect for diversity?

Certainly it would be more complex, because humankind should make peace with an idea that fails to swallow: making the world a place in its own image and likeness, where nothing scares us because it is the same.

How much injustice is drunk from the lips, pronouncing the adjective “equal”?

Protecting gender diversity and not seeking gender equality.

In fact, homologation is in itself another form of violence, the most subtle. Over the last century it has produced abominable images, passed over in silence: the manager woman, the career woman, the ruthless boss, the huntress woman. In summary the woman-man . All the epithets, the adjectives, the appositions that follow the term “Woman” are aberrant superstructures, not compliments, and denounce not the conquests of female equality, but the homologation violence.

And this homologation translates elsewhere into racism, homophobia and transfobia.

We should love, protect and respect all gender expressions; to live the feminine in all the thousand opportunities and the thousand nuances. Don’t give up anything of what makes us women.

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